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The demand for English-language educators is rapidly increasing worldwide. Particularly, China is experiencing a boom in both its population and demand for teachers. If you’re looking for opportunity, consider online teaching as an option. Consider the fact that with a flexible schedule, you can choose to work nearly full-time (our busiest teachers work 30 hours a week), or part-time (as few as 8 hours), while keeping your day job. You’ll also have the funds and ability travel the world while simultaneously doing the work that you love..

The fastest growing segment of education jobs in China right now is in the online sector. There is also intense demand for instructors experienced in American AP, British IGCSE and A-Level, and International Baccalaureate curriculums. There is also a constant need for recent university graduates and less-experienced ESL teachers, where supply is struggling to keep up with demand.

We offer positions targeted to both the seasoned professional and to those new to teaching as a career. Whether you are new to teaching online, or a seasoned professional, our mission at Genesis Foundry is to find the teaching position which meets your profile.