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Wenling Holiday Foreign Language Training Center, Wenling City

  1. The teacher will work as a full-time teacher of English as a Second Language in our school.
  2. The period of service will be from the end of August 2016 to  the end of August 2017 ( One year contract )
  3. Teacher’s base salary will be RMB 180,000 to 200,000 Yuan for the whole year from the first week of September 2016 to the last week of August 2017. (It’s approximately $30,000 USD per year according to the average floating currency rate.) Teacher will receive payment in Chinese currency.
  4. New teachers are expected to arrive in Wenling City, Taizhou County, Zhejiang Province, China in the 3rd week of August, 2017. Housing will be arranged upon arrival.
  5. The average workload is 30 hours per week for 46 weeks, with 6 weeks of unpaid vacation time. The teaching hours may be less hours during summer and winter break times, and more working hours during the rest of the regular school year. In total the hours are 46 weeks x 30 teaching hours = 1,380 teaching hours (base salary) for the whole year.
  6. Work time and vacation: Monday to Friday, 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm for online classes or Wenling Holiday Academy, some morning or afternoon classes at Wenling Public Elementary, Middle &/or High Schools, 7.5 hours per day on Saturdays and Sundays for Holiday Academy (ground school), summer and winter camp teaching is also included/mandatory. One free day (day off) is allowed every week, to be determined per teacher by FLTC School Administration. Paydays will be after the 21st day of every month without exception. If a full month is not worked, the salary will be pro-rated.
  7. Vacations: The teacher will have 6 weeks of vacation time for the whole year, during which they may arrange with FLTC School Administration to travel abroad if they wish. (There will be 2 weeks in Chinese Spring festival 2017, and 3 weeks in August, 2017, one week in 2017 October first week).
  8. The Online Teaching Position: The school promises to retain the teacher as an online teacher providing that he/she can maintain a stable internet connection and a professional quality of teaching that both parents and students respect and accept.
  9. Living accommodations: School will help teacher to rent an apartment and help communicate for the living arrangements. Teachers need to commit to renting an apartment and pay normal living costs (gas, electric & water bills). The average living cost for a single person is around RMB1200 per month (around $160 to $180 per month).

8: Addendums:

Air Fare
The school will pay for the foreign teacher’s 1-way airfare to China. (The standard expected airfare is around $200-500 to China, so it will be paid no more than $500.)

The school will process and pay for the Chinese residence permit, foreign expert certificate and work visa for the employee to enter China. (The work visa is around $200 for single person, so it will be paid not more than $300), as long as the teacher will commit to work in Holiday/Sprout for one year. The school (Party A) will provide the employee (Party B) with copies of all documents in English and Chinese stating the terms, conditions and eligibility for Party B to work legally in China for the contract term.

Health and Medical
The employee must conduct a medical/physical examination at his/her own expense to certify that he/she does not suffer from hepatitis or another infectious disease before entering China. A formal Chinese medical/physical examination will be conducted free of charge after the employee enters the country and prior to performing any actual work duties. The Health Care Insurance annual premium will be deducted from the teacher’s salary and arrangements can be made as to the monthly amount (or full amount) to be deducted upon the first (&/or subsequent) payday(s). This is a mandatory expense. (It is less than $300 for the whole year, it can help teacher to get compensation in case of serious diseases or big accidents.)