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Are you ready to drop the trap which is your 9-5 job and trade it for the comfort of your own home office? How does the prospect of traveling the job while you work on your notebook computer sound?


The truth is that it’s now possible, thanks to Genesis Foundry and our partner companies like ABC360, DaDaABC, VIPKid, and more.

Confused? We can explain it in a simple way.

These are some of the largest online teaching companies in China who work with students in grades Pre-K through 12. They providing teachers with an opportunity to teach ESL to these young learners. The best part is that you can do this from anywhere in the world. 

Even if you don’t desire to travel the world while doing this job, it is still a great opportunity for those looking for part-time employment while adding valuable teaching experience to their resume.

Before you sign up, check and see if you met the required qualifications:

  • Native English Speaker from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • Reliable Computer, Webcam, and Internet Connection

If you meet these requirements, stop reading NOW. Go here to start your application. These jobs are highly desired and the companies are running out of slots for teachers! Fortunately, Genesis Foundry is always making connections with new companies. When you apply with us, you are applying to all of the online jobs we have available.

On average, teachers work 15 hours per week, but we have have referred some teachers who work up to 30 hours per week. The pay varies in range, but with some schools it can go up to $40 an hour (no joke)!

Stages of the Application

When you send your application to Genesis Foundry, you can expect the following things to occur before you are formally hired:

  1. Genesis Foundry Screening Interview
  2. Company Interview
  3. Equipment Check/Test
  4. Training
  5. Demo Class
  6. Contract Signing

If you are able to complete these steps successfully, then you will have a job as an online English teacher!

The best part is that you do not need to create your own teaching materials – our partner companies provide you with ready-made teaching materials to use via their online teaching platform, which is similar to using Skype with a presentation plugin. All you need to do is be there for your eager students who are waiting for you!

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