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Friendly and Personalized Service

We know that finding quality candidates can be difficult. Today’s schools require qualified and experienced teachers, and connecting suitable candidates to our clients is our speciality. Our recruiters are located throughout China and will be in regular contact with you until you are satisified. We will ensure that we understand your requirements, and provide you with a sufficient number of candidates which meet your job’s stringent needs.

Screening of Candidates

It is essential that the potential candidates have the drive and motivation to work in an international location. We find a variety of candidates recruited through many different mediums. Before sending their credentials to us, all candidates will be screened through a Skype/Phone interview by us. All the potential candidates provided by us will have the right personality and characters which would appropriately fit your schools.

Follow-up Service

To ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service, we will maintain a close relationship with both employers and job seekers to ensure that all parties are satisfied with our services. The majority of our business is through personal recommendations, which have contributed to the growth of our business, and we wish to continue having a close relationship with all partners in the future.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is our guarantee to you that the candidates hired will be suitable for the position and in terms with the agreement made. In the events of a dispute between employers and employees, we will be involve to assist both parties to resolve the issues in a manner which is discreet, fast, and simple.

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